Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Very Pinteresting

I am linking up with Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten for Positively Pinspiring for the first time and I have a feeling I'm going to become obsessed with it! Pinterest AND Linky Parties?!!?? Recipe for success. This link-up is dedicated to favorite finds on Pinterest throughout the week. The links will lead you directly to the original site. 

Ok... where do I begin with my favorites....hmmm 

I am a sucker for quotes. I am an even bigger sucker for inspirational quotes. I am a HUGE sucker for inspirational quotes pertaining to children. This is a quote that quickly caught my attention because it is so incredibly true. We need to be their number one supporters and motivate them to succeed daily.  I made it my quote for my store! You can also purchase this quote on a postcard here on

My major goal this year is to STAY ORGANIZED  (notice the bold, underline and caps lock to stress my need for this). I am sure hoping that many of you can relate to that! I wish I was blessed with the natural teacher gift of organization so many of you have but..nope. :) Anyway, this blog post by Ladybug's Teacher Files gives amazing advice on how to keep your running records organized AND links to a printable you can use!

Is anyone else highly considering purchasing this t-shirt? Or is it just me? Love it!

O.M.G. How adorable is this? Possibly for the first day of school? This Buzzfeed article has some awesome ideas. 

Last but CERTAINLY not least, I stumbled across this and nearly fell out of my chair. This photo came from Candiquik's Teacher Appreciation blog post. REAL SMART COOKIES!!! Although this post was intended to be presents to teachers, I may just have to reward myself with some smart cookies and milk. :) 

Thank you Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten for such a fun linky party. Everyone stop by her blog to see more pinteresting links. What have you found on Pinterest this week?

Linky Party #2 

I saw this link-up from a few days ago and could not resist. This linky is hosted by Sugar and Spice: What are your teaching ingredients?

I just hit 200 fans on my Facebook page! Woooohoooo! I am celebrating by offering a very wanted product completely FREE and can my found through the Facebook link in my status update. I'm trying to keep the suspense going, so I think you should take a look yourself. :) 

 photo 023bb102-7468-44c0-aedc-5696648f1b32.png


Jessica Plemons said...

Omg, I cannot get over how perfectly those cookies match your blog. Too stinkin' cute! Thanks for linking up I loved checking out your blog:)

Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

Kim said...

The cookies are adorable!! You must make them! :) I hear you on the organizing bit! I love the picture of the organized running records. I will never show a picture of mine!

Miss DeCarbo said...

Love your teaching ingredients! They are so positive!! Thanks for linking up. :) -Christina :)

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