Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lucky to be a Teacher

Why are you lucky to be a teacher? Many of us this time of year would respond, "Ummmm I'm not." The lesson plans, paperwork, progress monitoring, standardized testing, professional development, grading, conferences, and stress, stress, stress can completely overwhelm us.. Are you stressed yet?

Without a doubt, there is no other career that is more exhilarating, rewarding, and downright demanding than that of a teacher. Instead of dwelling on the negatives, what if we focus on the positives? Let's reflect on the GOOD we have done (and will continue to do). 

What have you learned from your students? How many students felt proud of themselves because of your motivation? How have you grown as an educator?  How many funny stories do you have that have come from your crazy classroom? How many students have you believed in when no one else did? How many lives have you changed? Think about it for a second... WE. CHANGE. LIVES. Maybe some of these questions can help you answer the question- Why are YOU lucky to be a teacher?

So, super teachers- let's celebrate us. Let's celebrate ourselves by this giveaway! 58 other AWESOME teacher authors have donated to help throw this major giveaway. Who is feeling lucky??

How does this work?
Enter the giveaway(s) through the rafflecopter. The more stores and pages you follow the better your chances are to win! The TpT sellers are either giving away Winner's Choice or a Specific Product. Note: For Winner's Choice items- It is ultimately up to the seller, but generally, you should pick only ONE item that is $5 or less. They will contact you when the winners are announced

Enjoy this FREEBIE in my store. Let's let our students tell us why we are so lucky to be teachers. 

Good luck!  Please comment on why YOU are lucky to be a teacher! 

And if you still need inspiration...

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