Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sunday Spotlight 11.23

Happy Sunday Spotlight and Thanksgiving week! This post will be short and sweet. 

Here's how SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT works: 

1. Pick a product to spotlight from your TpT store. Put the products on sale for at least 24 hours. The amount in which you discount is completely up to you. Write a description in your blog post about your product(s)! If you have multiple products you'd like to spotlight, go for it! If you want the product to stay on sale for a longer time, go for that too! 

2. Pick another TPT-er to spotlight! Post a description of their store, put the link of the store/Facebook/blog/any social media site they use to your post. Encourage your readers to follow the teachers you spotlight and leave feedback! We wouldn't be the great teachers we are if we didn't collaborate, right? ;) -RIGHT! What you share with your readers is up to you and the seller! 

3. Linkup below! Make sure to include the link to my blog and the linky logo so everyone can find our discounted products. 

* Click and save the images below, add your product image to the Product Spotlight and the logo of the teacher seller you are highlighting to the Teacher Spotlight (I use PowerPoint) and post! *

** Please do not link directly to a TpT product. It should be a BLOG POST HIGHLIGHTING ONE OF YOUR PRODUCTS AND ANOTHER SELLER! *** Have fun! :D 

The product I'm spotlight issss...... PROPER NOUN SCAVENGER HUNT! My students loved this activity.  Students become detectives and find the proper nouns that are placed around the classroom! Hurry and purchase this product now because it will only be on sale for 24 hours! 

How to Use: 
1. Cut out the proper nouns cards and place around your classroom. 
2. Sing/Teach the proper noun scavenger hunt song. 
3. Explain the rules and sing the song as they begin searching (this will keep them a little quiet!)
4. They each have their own list to record their findings
5. Go over the list with your class as they check over their work.
6. You can send home the “I can find proper nouns at home!”
7. The early finishers can fill out the graphic organizers and come up with their own!

The wonderful TPT seller and teacher I am spotlighting is Hannah from 21st Century Kindergarten ! There are some wonderful SMART board products for you to incorporate in your classroom (and make your life much easier!) Here is a quote from her blog: 
I have a true passion for finding ways to bring Kindergarten out of the dark agesand into the 21st Century while still holding on to some basic truths about how young students learn. I believe Kindergarteners today are differentthan they were twenty or even ten years ago and it's myresponsibility to reach them and teach them as they require... with technology, with higher order thinking, and with the entire world in mind!  
 How awesome is that?! Visit 21st Century Kindergarten here!

Linkup with me and enjoy your turkey week! :D 

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Hannah Stark said...

Thank you so much for putting me in the spotlight this week! I sincerely appreciate your kind words AND the plug! :)
21st Century K

Andrea said...

Hi! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award.
Please go to my blogspot to check out the details of the nomination.
Happy blogging!

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