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Sunday Spotlight 10.19.14

After joining many, many, many linky parties, I thought it was time to host my own! I came up with this idea as I was thinking of different ways to collaborate with all of the incredible teacher-sellers around the country. 
Teachers Pay(ing it forward to other) Teachers! :) 

Here's how SUNDAY SPOTLIGHT works: 

1. Pick a product to spotlight from your TpT store. Put the products on sale for at least 24 hours. The amount in which you discount is completely up to you. Write a description in your blog post about your product(s)! If you have multiple products you'd like to spotlight, go for it! If you want the product to stay on sale for a longer time, go for that too! 

2. Pick another TPT-er to spotlight! Post a description of their store, put the link of the store/Facebook/blog/any social media site they use to your post. Encourage your readers to follow the teachers you spotlight and leave feedback! We wouldn't be the great teachers we are if we didn't collaborate, right? ;) -RIGHT! What you share with your readers is up to you and the seller! 

3. Linkup below! Make sure to include the link to my blog and the linky logo so everyone can find our discounted products. 

* Click and save the images below, add your product image to the Product Spotlight and the logo of the teacher seller you are highlighting to the Teacher Spotlight (I use PowerPoint) and post! *

** Please do not link directly to a TpT product. It should be a BLOG POST HIGHLIGHTING ONE OF YOUR PRODUCTS AND ANOTHER SELLER! If you already linked with an actual product, no big deal because I didn't make that clear when I first posted the linky party. *** Have fun! :D 

So, let the spotlighting begin! 

This is such a fun game for your students to practice their sight words! Includes 300 high-frequency words. The cookies go in the jar, students grab a cookie from the jar and read the word. If they say the word correct, it goes on their cookie plate. If they are incorrect it goes back into the jar. 
The cookie monster card- If this card is picked, that student has to put all of their cookies back into the jar! The person with the most cookies on their plate when the timer goes off wins! *Great center/ partner activity!* It is currently HALF OFF for the next 24 hours!

The teacher I am spotlighting is my very good friend, Jenna from Food for Taught! We just so happened to be student teachers together! Now, after all of these years, we get to teach and TpT together! What more could I ask for?! She JUST opened her TpT store this week ('bout time!!) :) and already has so many awesome products up. She is currently a 3rd grade teacher and her products are geared towards 1st-7th grade students. Go show her some teaching love! Follow her store and give her feedback on her freebie! 

If you follow her and leave feedback, say you found her store through Sunday Spotlight and I will follow your store and leave you some feedback in return! Here's a sneak peak of her Halloween products: 

Linkup is right below! Feel free to linkup so we can collaborate and find other similar stores and products! All grade levels are welcome!

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Jennifer Reynolds said...

Thanks so much for the link-up opportunity, as well as the chance to promote another TpT teacher-friend! I hope I followed directions! My link goes to my blog post, which then includes links to the products! I'm your newest follower, as well as your friend's!

Stories and Songs in Second

Hannah Stark said...

I enjoyed this link-up idea so much!
I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! (If you haven't already done it!) See your nomination on my blog!

Applejacksteacher said...

Hi Brooke! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Love your blog! You can check out your nomination and read the instructions of how to accept it here:


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