Sunday, July 27, 2014

GIVEAWAY and Good Ol' Deals!

I am ecstatic to be giving away one of my favorite Back to School products- Back to School BINGO:
Enter the giveaway below through rafflecopter! This giveaway will end THURSDAY night, so enter while it lasts!

Why don't we just keep the good news and good sales coming? I am also very excited to link-up with Kelly and Kims Kindergarten Kreations for Markdown Monday! I am ALL ABOUT searching for deals right before the beginning of school, so this linky party is a great place for a bargain hunter, like myself. 

I am marking down my Student Reading Binder with Reading Log to $1.50! I tutored over the summer and found this method to work WONDERS. Students can keep their own binders to keep track of their progress, while you conference with them, check their reading logs, and determine their level of comprehension. 

The packet starts off with an Interest Inventory- About Me, Reading Questionairre, and (my personal favorite) What do you like to read about? 
This helps you understand where the child is coming from! You can help the student become an independent reader by choosing books of interest. 

A Reading Log is also included in this product! 
And it's not just any old reading log.. I don't know about all of you, but I don't like the parents simply signing a piece of paper saying their child has read that night (maybe because my mom would totally lie for me! Oops! sorry mom...) But the truth is, they are not the ones reading, it's the kid! So, I came up with a way to quickly assess. You can decide how much the students should be reading nightly, but whenever they finish the book, they flip the page over and fill out their thoughts and summary of the book.

Still interested? Click HERE and you will be brought right to the product. It will be marked down until Friday!
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