Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer Camp Fun

Well, the beginning of summer camp has officially begun. The students in my class (for this week) are in 4th grade. I'm used to the young kiddos, but I am definitely enjoying this age group! You know what's funny? You would think that once the kids are out of school, they wouldn't even want to LOOK at a worksheet or pencil, but not this group! 

We had some downtime Monday and they started "playing school" - so cute. I mentioned that I would gladly bring some activities for them to "give their students" and they jumped right on that idea! I printed my Summer Writing Worksheets and Reading Literature Graphic Organizers: Common Core and they loved them! I attached some of their wonderful work. Make note of the huge red check mark from "their teacher". ;) They were quite entertaining to watch! 

 I'm so glad I'm getting the hang of blogging before the school year starts back up. This is such a great way to document student work in an appealing way, don't y'all think? Stay tuned for a summer camp update at the end of the week. I'm going to test some new products on them! 

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