Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Made It with a MARKDOWN

Monday.. Yikes. Another week ahead of all of us! 
How about I make Monday a little  more exciting and link up with 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made ItI think YES! I have been DETERMINED to make the perfect Teaching Planner that meets all of my needs. I'm excited to show all of you what I've been working on! 

Here's my long awaited creation--

I just uploaded it to TPT! Take a looks inside: 

I love how the simple pops of colors came out! I was definitely inspired by Erin Condren. ;) 

Another goal of mine is to stay on my data collecting throughout the year. I know I won't be perfect at it, but I promised myself I would step up my game a little. :)

The process: I start collecting data with a quick assessment.  Under the specific student and subject, I will write check marks, x marks, slashes, etc. etc. I came up with a system that works best for me! (You can find that in the preview) Whenever I am teaching and looking for responses, I will try my hardest to record the responses. Are they correct? Are they incorrect? Do they need lots of prompting? Are they making connections? Are they making connections that make sense? You get the point.. Again, you have to find the markings that make sense to you! 

After, I record the notes in my summaries for each student/subject. I have separate data binders for each subject and divide the binders up by students. Basically, I note if students are really struggling or flying through the different topics. The quick assessments explained earlier help me remember the amount of correct/incorrect responses. This lets me see if I need to explain the topics better, who can move on, who needs additional help, etc. It's a win-win! I have been using this system for 3 weeks now and I have ALREADY noticed such an improvement in meeting my students' needs. 

If you are a 2nd grade common core teacher-don't miss out on this BONUS edition: 2014-2015 Teaching Planner Rainbow 2nd Grade . I have included my 2nd grade common core standards at-glance and checklists  in my new planner! Save money and purchase this fabulous edition!

 As you can tell, I am ECSTATIC about my new planner! I want you to be just excited as I am. I am marking BOTH the 2014-2015 Teaching Planner Rainbow and  the 2014-2015 Teaching Planner Rainbow 2nd Grade Ed.  HALF OFF!!! I am linking up with Kelly and Kim for Markdown Monday! This means that these two great products will be half off until Friday, August 29th. You do not want to miss out on this offer! 

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