Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Teacher Love: Passion

You know those days when you feel unmotivated and knocked down? Teacher Love Wednesday hosted by Kinesthetic Classroom is the perfect way to lift your spirits back up! 

We all have our off days. Our students all have their off days. We all have those days where we think "OK WHY IS MY DAY SO C.R.A.Z.Y.?!?! WHAT AM I EVEN DOING?" (you know those hectic days when your day becomes just one big blur..) And then maybe you want to rip your hair out, drink a glass of wine (or 3), take a nice bath and sleep. sleep. sleep. Anyone else? Yes, we will have those days- that's a given. Are those difficult moments the only thing you think of when you reflect on your passion to teach? Nope! I surely hope not. 

 How about those days when you see all of their little miniature hands raise to answer a question? Or those days when that one child that has such a hard time focusing is eager to learn and stays engaged throughout the day? Or those days when a student tells you how much they liked yesterday's lesson and they told their family all about it? Or those endless hugs? Or those endless smiles? Or those endless laughs?  
Have you noticed that teachers talk about their jobs more than ANY other profession? The hilarious stories we have from our students, the motivational seminars we go to, the influential people we work with... how could we come home and have nothing to say??? As I was trying to put into words how I feel about teaching, I came across this quote: 

Passion. Amazing teachers all share this in common. A passion to educate. A passion to educate not only so their students can succeed on a test, but so their students can succeed in life! If this quote led  you to automatically think about the lives you have changed, including your own, you have found your passion

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Anne Rowell said...

WOW - I went from tears to goosebumps! You are a terrific writer!! Thanks so much for being the first to join the linky :)

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